About Us

The Isle of Wight Community Rail Partnership (CRP) was launched in 2005 with formal designation granted from the Department for Transport (DfT) in March 2006. Our rolling stock is former 1938 Northern Line underground electric trains, which, all painted in the original livery of red and grey has made this 8.5 mile line an attraction in its own right!

The partnership’s original stakeholders were Island Line, the Isle of Wight Council, Wightlink and the Quality Transport Partnership (QTP). However due to successful projects and partnership working, the CRP has expanded its executive membership to include some of the Island’s other transport providers, including Southern Vectis; This is seen to be a great way to work together for seamless travel and sustainable transport, thus encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use public transport instead: reducing congestion thus the carbon footprint, for a brighter, cleaner future.

The IoW CRP is partner to the New Forrest CRP, sharing the same Rail Development Officer (RDO), Bobby Lock. This complementary partnership manages and sometimes replicate the Island’s successful projects to encourage more to visit the Island and the New Forest with through-ticketing, events, films and community initiatives. This has brought further sustainability to our own partnership with committed stakeholders such as Hampshire County Council, New Forest District Council, South Western Railway, More Bus, the New Forest National Park Authority and Brockenhurst Parish councils. For more information on the New Forrest CRP please see the link further below.

Both lines are going strong, with exciting time ahead with a new Train Operating Company (TOC) delivering new community projects, station regeneration and initiatives, proving the value of Community Rail. For every £1.00 invested by stakeholders, there is a proven return of now around £7.60 which is particularly valuable in this economic climate where we are expected to deliver more for less. For more information on the value of Community Rail please see the link further below.

Aims and Objectives

The partnership will work with the local management of South Western Railway and our partners to achieve the following aims and objectives: 

To increase use of existing train services and Solent connections
To develop community goodwill and involvement with the local railway;
To improve station facilities and environment;
To develop integrated transport links to and from the railway;
To assist with developing agreed long-term strategies for the local railway.
To support station development projects along the line and act as a catalyst for other projects;
To work positively with other transport providers;
To ensure that the railway is an active participant in regeneration strategies for the area;

To identify new potential stakeholders in the community;
To work with community organisations to harness people’s energies and creativity;
To participate in community based events and activities which promote the local railway;
To identify and secure external funding for projects which meet the CRP’s vision, aims and objectives.
To identify potential growth markets for the rail service;
To work with the tourism industry in the region to promote use of rail;